Tinothiel Ryael'adeth

Knight Marshal of the Light Elves of Nemethil


Tinothiel, High Arcane Archer of Nemethil, 17th level. Race: Light Elf Gender: Male Alignment: Chaotic Good. Age: 312 years old. Height: 6’ Weight: 186 lbs. Patron Deities: Heironeous (Justice), Titania (Magic)

Features: Tinothiel is very strong and sizable for an elf. His heritage comes from heroes of ages past, and he bears their mark. His eyes carry a purple hue, not unlike those of the Grey Elves. Magic runs deep within his soul, but he channels it in a martial way, through his bow.


Tinothiel is the Knight Marshal of Nemethil. He serves the Elven Lords of the Great Houses as their general. He has traveled much of the lands of Alumentare in his youth, and while his methods are not always approved of by the Lords, his bloodline comes from the First Houses, and thus his position is always secured though they have to reign him in from time to time.

Tinothiel Ryael'adeth

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