Cloaked in Shadows

The players analyze the cloak with great scrutiny only to learn that while mundane, it does seem to have some great significance. On the inside of the cloak is scribed what appears to be a map of the constellations – but as they would have been well over a thousand years ago. The locations of the constellations are obviously conveying some sort of meaning that is of great importance.

A wizard sought to extinguish the players for it, and goblin scouts from the south sought it out as well. For now it is assumed that the cloak is a map that will reveal a greater mystery, and it gives locations of something of importance.

At this time, under the study of the players, the cloak seems to begin to repair itself. No longer does it appear old and moldy, filled with moth holes. It begins to repair itself and takes on a more regal midnight blue hue, with all the markings plainly visible.

Tragically, the players were unable to finish their studies as they were interrupted by one of the Borderland Rangers, a young Helian who exclaims that his squad was ambushed by Goblin and Orc patrols, and that a much larger force is coming. They have only a day or two at best to prepare…



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