Goblin Miners

The players then tracked the goblins back to a remote part of the duchy containing a very old sepulcher. They ambushed the goblins and decided to explore what the goblins had been looking at. This tomb turned out to be more than just a tomb, as below the family resting place lied a buried temple of ages past. This temple it turns out was once a sacred temple to the Orc clerics of Ba’al. As it was explored, it became obvious that this temple was once sacked by human knights and they slew all the priests within.

At the very depths of the temple, the clerics rose to defend their temple once more, even in death. After defeating the undead and many traps, the players found the lair of a devil that was bound here for eternity and yet lived. It was a powerful chain devil and for it to be here guarding something, the players would have to defeat it to find out.

Once banished, the devil’s treasure was apparent. Unfortunately, it was not as rewarding as the players had hoped. All the devil was guarding was his personal belongings and a worn out non-magical cloak.

They returned to the duchy keep to examine the cloak further.



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