The characters have surrendered and rather than being killed outright, they along with their men have been taken as slaves by the Orc leaders and are headed back to their capital city of Kharabad, deep within the Thak-anon desert.

Unfortunately, one of the players got a little snide with their comments and the brash orcs cut out his tongue. They then went about removing the tongues of all other spellcasters in the group, ensuring that their newfound slaves would not be able to cause any problems.

Midway through their journey, the Orc caravan was attacked by crazed stone giants. Such creatures are rarely, if ever seen outside of their mountain homes, and these were particularly loathsome. Perhaps ravaged by disease, they were finally defeated by the Orc heroes and the caravan pressed forward.

Little did the Orcs know however, that their caravan was being followed by a band of dwarves from that came to aid the midlanders…



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