The Siege

The players send the Duke’s wife away to one of the other nearby duchies, and they also seek aid. They begin their defenses and within a matter of two days, the Orc armies march upon them. The Orcs lay siege to the castle, surrounding it and preventing any escape. They begin building siege weaponry and demand the surrender of the keep. The players resist and shoot the Orc’s diplomat dead.

In another day, the Orcs begin firing catapults at the main walls and the players brace for the inevitable. Eventually, the Orcs break through and worse, from within a traitor poisons Nazak Gimgurn, the commander of the defenses, and even have the gate thrown open for the invading forces. The players are forced to defend on multiple fronts with a very limited force. Luckily, magic and determination hold off the invaders for a time.

Eventually though, the Orcs push through, their Ogre shocktroopers too much for even Nazak’s units to hold back. The players are pushed to the far side of the keep and contemplate surrender.

It is then that a familiar face appears on the wall. Sheth’uul the wizard that had been stalking them this entire time calmly strides forward on the parapets, intent on delivering the final blow and killing the entire lot of them.

One of the Orc commanders, a sorceror of noted power rises up on the walls and commands him to stay his hand. He exclaims that Sheth’uul will destroy the map and that the players are to be his trophies. Sheth’uul laughs and sends a bolt of fire their way, only to have the Orc sorceror block the magic and begin an assault on the six fingered wizard.

As the battle ensues on the parapets, an elven scout sneaks through the Orc lines and delivers a package to the players. The elves can not come to the direct aid of the duchy, but they offer a solution to the wizard – an arrow of slaying. It is a fitting end to the wizard who sought to slay the bloodline of the duke with the same tools.

The players use magic to cloak themselves and then drive the arrow of slaying deep into Sheth’uul’s throat just before he intends to deliver the final blow to the Orc sorceror. He falls to his knees dead.

Now the players must contend with the Orc army which now surrounds them, having shattered their defending troops and defenses.



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