The Story So Far

Spilling Bloodlines

In the early fall season, the Duke of Deepingdale was summoned to the capital of the Helian Empire by its Emperor. In opulent chambers, the Duke was given hushed instructions and vowed to follow his orders. He left behind his keep, his wife and his children, with only a simple parchment bearing his crest to explain his deeds.

For the Empire he wrote, duty before all. This was the only consolation his wife was given. She acknowledged his valiance however and they soon took to a coronation ceremony to give her eldest son the position of Duke.

It was at this turn of events that the household was plunged into madness. Bandits dressed as the Duke’s own men infiltrated the ceremony and attacked mid coronation. They were successful in ruining the ceremony and creating a mass panic and confusion. One bandit, a skilled archer was able to slay the young Duke with a fell arrow of slaying.

A wizard came forth from the confusion to snuff the life from the only other son of the Duke’s known to live in these lands. With both sons dead, he felt confident that his plans were set in motion. He didn’t account for the Duke’s third son however that was supposed to be in the hot sands of Khemetia, deep within a temple of their esoteric gods.

The wizards plans were foiled for now, as the bloodline was not ended, but it would only be a matter of time.



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