Where there's smoke, there's Clerics!

After the death of two of his siblings, Galen – the youngest son and priest of Chronepsis decided that he would have to take revenge. The bandits were known to operate out of an area not too far from here, preying on travelers on the King’s Road.

After learning that indeed the bandits were lead by a wizard, the players set afire to the inn that the bandits were using to conceal their activities. Unorthodox, but effective, it flushed out the bandits and sent them in search of a new stronghold.

It even brought their wizard out to the fore. Surprised to see another child of the Duke’s lineage, he laughed at his good fortune, and summoned up a batch of aberrant creatures to slay those that dared to interrupt his work. Knowing that they would succumb to his terrors, he then left.

The players survived and decided to follow the trail of the bandits in hopes to find this wizard and learn of his true intentions. This led them to what seemed to be an exchange between the bandits and some goblins. The goblins then seemed to attack the bandits and they fled.

But goblins this far north of the borderlands was certainly trouble. Almost always, the Borderlands Rangers took care of any traveling menace. For this many to slip by was unheard of…



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