Grey Elves

The “grey elves” are a strange and esoteric group of elves that are rarely seen. They are the most potent spellcasters and priests among the elven race, but have traded their health for power. They subsist on magical lotus plants that give them great supernatural powers but weaken them physically.

The elven lotus plants magically fuel their spellcasting abilities and grant them powers beyond the mortal ken. There are several varieties of lotus, all tended by elven spellcasters, and infused with different types of magic. Through an alchemical process, the magic is then released into the bloodstream of the imbiber. The elves have mastered the process and wield the lotus magic and its effects with great precision. They also guard the ability to grow and harness its powers jealously. As a side effect, its users often gain prophetic visions and their eyes glow with an eerie crystalline color, depending on which type of lotus they most frequently consume.

The other elves find the Grey Elves to be a very mysterious lot. They respect the Grey Elves for their knowledge and power, but the High Elves longstanding martial tradition conflicts with the Grey Elves unfathomable ways.

Personality: The Grey Elves are deeply spiritual in nature, with a greater respect for the overall plans of the gods. They tend to be more intellectual and logical than their counterparts, but still aloof and haughty to non-elves. Physical Description: The Grey Elves are smaller and more diminutive in comparison to their brethren, with pale dusky skin and often have crystalline eyes that match the color of lotus they consume.

Relations: They do not socialize with much frequency and are often highly insular and contemplative. They serve the higher elven houses during wartime, but prefer their own company. The only exception is the council of wizardry which is held on their isle which hosts magi of all races. No magi speaks to what they have seen while there. They Grey Elves are indeed a mysterious lot.

Lands: On the isles of Ilmadrys, the Grey Elves live in seclusion using their magic to avoid detection and deter invaders while they tend to their magical lotus crops and practice their sorcery.

Religion: The Grey Elves venerate Titania, Azathar and Chronepsis. Magic and knowledge are their primary concerns.

Adventurers: Few Grey Elves choose to leave the relative safety of their isles, but occasionally a young elf will feel the need to test his prowess or an accomplished magi will leave the isle on business.

Grey Elves

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