Rarely do humans ever even come into contact with the reclusive elves. Rarer yet is a human that somehow gains the trust to live among them. Even rarer is the elf that would fall in love with such an outsider. It does happen however, and such unions are the tales of legend between both races. The resultant offspring are both Elven and Human, sharing qualities of both races, but still wholly unique.

Personality: A Half-Elf is just as varied with personality as any human. Their outsider social status could leave them slightly more grim or cynical than normal, or it may force them to be more accepting of others.

Physical Description: The Half-Elves tend to be thicker of frame than most elves, but slightly more slender than a human. They can range in size to look identical to either race although.

Relations: They tend to admire and seek the acceptance of their Elven parents, but such is hard to do. They fit well within human society and are often looked upon with attraction. Most human parents are Helian or Catagonian.

Lands: The Half-Elves have no ancestral lands, but can be found on occasion in Central and Northern Haladeth.

Religion: Any

Adventurers: Most Half-Elves become adventurers. Their dual nature forges a strong wanderlust within them and they often feel they must prove their value to one or both parent races.


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