Light Elves

The elves have been aloof to human affairs through much of history… so long as these affairs did not threaten them or their way of life. Reclusive, meditative and unfathomable by nature, the elves mostly stuck to their forest homes and as long as they are left in peace do not care so much whose territory those forests fall in. But, when the forests are threatened, the powerful warrior caste responds with great skill in open battle. Once, it was said that the elves were good friends with human and dwarvenkind, but those days have long past.

The elves were not taught magic by an outside force, their mastery of the art comes from their innate divine bloodline, stretching back to the dawn of antiquity. They live for ages, most living several hundred years and the eldest among them sometimes reaching seven or eight hundred years. It was this sort of ageless perspective that brings the elves into confrontation with the many lesser races.

The elves dwell in the cool northern portion of Halad’eth, in forests that are ancient and deadly. No human forces dare misuse the woods, no Blackbloods dare trespass and in these days few even see the elves at all. But the last few ages have shown that they do exist. They have shown their hand only rarely. For the non-evil races, the elves kindly give one warning. If it is not heeded, then woe to the transgressor. The High Elves of this massive forest are supremely skilled warriors and it is whispered that the forest grows fertile on the blood of trespassers…

There are other elves on Halad’eth as well. A few men, orcs and dwarves have mentioned the presence of other elves that bore unearthly beauty or strange crystalline eyes.

LIGHT ELVES The so called “light elves” are the most common of all elves, with an ancestry dating back to prehistory. They are numerous and the most diverse of all the elven races. They have perfected the arts of war and craftsmanship, leaving the “lesser” races jealous of their abilities.

Personality: The Light Elves, are aloof from the affairs of the other mortal races and seem cold and distant. They simply have a different perspective on life. If you earn their friendship, you have it eternally, the same with their enmity.

Physical Description: The Light Elves are tall and lithe, with bodies that are near perfection, combining athletic ability with unearthly beauty.

Relations: The Light Elves hold all other races inferior. They hold great disdain for humans and near hatred for Dwarves and Blackbloods. They begrudgingly respect the Dwarves for their strength in war.

Lands: The Light Elves still hold their ancient ancestral lands on Northern Halad’eth.

Religion: The Light Elves venerate Heironeous (Corellon) for his martial power. They pay homage to all the other good deities as well.

Adventurers: Many Light Elves choose to become adventurers, choosing to take the fight of the valorous to the darkness rather than wait for it to come to them.

Light Elves

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